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Do you have trouble hearing everyday sounds such as the doorbell, birds chirping or the clock ticking? Does your family complain that you have turned up the television or radiovolume too high? Do you often ask people to repeat something they have said? These can be signs of a deterioration in your hearing. Timely professional advice can reduce your hearing loss significantly.

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Visit one of the attractive François Nicolle-locations and ask for a hearing test. Free of charge and with no obligation! We are happy to inform you about the latest developments. Forget the ugly, big hearing devices of the past. Nowadays there are minicomputers. They are virtually invisible when worn, either behind the ear or inside the ear. We are familiar with the latest technologies of all manufacturers and are a professional supplier of all brands of hearing aids.

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François Nicolle
Hearing Aids:

  • Professional personal advice, always based on the latest developments.